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The Story

This classic home, portrayed in John Chumley's famous Trumpet Vine painting, was built in the late 1700s. The house was nestled between two breathtaking oak trees, which are approximately 250 years old. When our family purchased the property 18 years ago from the Chumley family, the house was not in restorable condition. However, the landmark proved to be a great conversation piece, fort, and haunted house for our family and friends. It took years of discussion to discover how we could enjoy the oak trees and incorporate a piece of history from the old house.

The decision was made to create an event venue in 2012. The remnants of the house were completely torn down, but we ensured to salvage the valuable house materials and items. The main portion of the venue, the fireplace and patio, was constructed with the limestone we recovered. The renovation provides a memorable location for any event and can become a piece of your history!

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